The Tucson Desert

Glad to See the Sights of the Tucson Desert

Hiking to view the sights of this beautiful Tucson National Park is a good idea for many ages. The moderate climate, with plenty of space for the trail-blazers, makes for an superb hiking experience. Biking is one of the best ways to see the desert and also to get an opportunity to view wild horses and other desert animals. The trails are fairly simple to follow, and it won’t take much to get your feet wet. In case you have never gone hiking in the desert prior to, it is advisable that you learn more about the region prior to going so you will be well prepared to enjoy yourself and have a excellent time.

To reach the trailhead, have a northwesterly route from town. You might find that there are numerous”Pine Ridge Trailheads” as well as other smaller ones which you can follow on the way. When you reach your starting point, turn left and move down to the trailhead by the springs. It is extremely easy to become lost in the forest, so bring along a map or a compass to determine which way you want to go. Bring all of your water with you in case you run out while you are hiking, and do not forget to fill up your water bottle at the water source as well.

Another fantastic idea for those who would love to have a more conventional hiking trip, there’s a lodge right on the road. This is a fantastic option for a person who doesn’t like to take all their extra equipment together. They have many different amenities like swimming pool, playgrounds, and hot tubs. Do not let the small size of this road fool you; it’s not as difficult as some may think to hike this one!

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